Pandemic Dawn Book III: Day of Abomination

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Pandemic Dawn Book IV: Before the Sun Sets

Pandemic Dawn Book IV: Before the Sun Sets by B. A. Shields

In Pandemic Dawn Book IV: Before the Sun Sets, continues the story of Taylor and his travels through the post-apocalyptic world of Pandemic Dawn. Samuel’s organization’s fall causes a rift among the gangs and slave traders, making the burbs even more dangerous as warlords fight to take control. The infected cursed, now herding and hunting in packs, leave the once safe Complex vulnerable to another attack. Though the vaccine has been developed, creating more and distribution is a problem. There is still no cure in sight without Dr. Atkins’s research, which is still missing.

Now that Taylor has his son, he and Tia can begin planning their wedding and settling into the Complex. Trevor is restless. Starting a teen initiative may get him into more trouble than he bargains for when he and a small group decide to leave the complex to collect supplies without permission or weapons.


Miley still struggles with her robotic leg as she fights to learn how to walk again. Matthew struggles to keep the peace in the Complex his father put him in charge of before he died. With the military refusing to help, Matthew must risk traveling to his father’s old camp searching for help.



Losing Dani Strumm


Dani was a natural in college, her only distraction, an absent mother, and a suicidal brother whom she felt overly protective. Maybe because she assumed the role when her mother abandoned them, or perhaps it was just her nurturing way.

Dani dreamed her entire life of this mission to Tau Ceti e. Her job was a simple one. Release scientific orbital satellites around Tau Ceti e to gather important information for team two, which would form a landing and exploration party.


What could go wrong?


Within minutes of releasing the second satellite, something did go wrong, horribly wrong.


Dani would find herself scrambling for the emergency escape pod to flee a dying ship, and before long, find herself stranded on an alien planet with two weeks of supplies, two days of oxygen, a broken leg, and her rescue nearly two months away.


Losing Dani Strumm is part exploration story, part self-discovery, and it features a compelling and surprising tale of forgiveness. It’s about love, luck, fate, and a complex woman with one last shot at her lifelong dream.