Losing Dani Strumm by Author B. A. Shields

After completing the cover of my latest novel, Losing Dani Strumm, and finishing the editing on the first half of the book, I am excited about its release in spring!

I may be having another contest soon too! Maybe the next competition will be for something cool, like a complete set of Pandemic Dawn books, or perhaps a pre-release proof book of Losing Dani Strumm?

The proof is the book the publishers send me before printing to ensure everything is perfect. These are marked proof and not for resale, making them cool as far as I'm concerned.

I was also thinking of giving away a signed manuscript of the book as well. I know I have a collection of manuscripts from all of my books.

One time I had a contest, and the winner got to choose a character of their creation to be in the book. That was fun too!

Maybe what I need to do is, have a poll and find out what everyone thinks we should have for a prize?

Halfway through the novel now, and about 30 more writing hours to go before it is complete. That may or may not include editing. Losing Dani Strumm, being my 5th science fiction novel, I have noticed my writing improving. I am editing much less than earlier books.

As some of you know, I have dyslexia, and writing can sometimes be challenging. I have to choose the days I can write, and the days I can edit carefully. If I am too tired, or have already done a lot of reading that day, then writing or editing is not a good idea.

But the time it takes me to edit has been dramatically reduced over the years, and I can only assume it is because of the software and editors I use helping me.

Whatever the reason, my guess is, Losing Dani Strumm will be on time! No late releases, at least as of now. Things have been going very smoothly, and I am pleased with the book.

After spending the last ten years writing post-apocalyptic fiction, a space adventure is fresh and different to me, almost as alien as the planet Dani is on.

I'm excited for the release of Losing Dani Strumm for many reasons; it's my first space adventure, it's a great story, and afterward, I can begin work on Pandemic Dawn Book V!

If things work out, I want to start writing some novellas or pocketbooks. I have story ideas that I have been keeping in a journal since junior high school. Many of them are great ideas, but the stories are better as short books than novels.

So after this blog, I'll probably work on putting a poll together to figure out the next prize and start working on the next contest.