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2022, A New Year, A New Project

Over the next couple of months, I will be adding an art gallery section to my website ( where I will be displaying and selling some of my artwork. Because of issues with my previous Facebook account and creating this new one, I will have to make all new social media profiles (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Happy New Year, 2022, from author B. A. Shields
Happy New Year, 2022, from author B. A. Shields

As I do so, I will let everyone know of the new profiles if you are interested in following and sharing, that would be wonderful.

I will be keeping my main author Facebook page Bruce A. Shields and will be adding my artwork there as well.

As for my main Facebook page (Bruce A Shields), it will remain private, and only for family and friends. If you are reading this, you are one of those.

I am excited to get back to my artwork, especially the leatherwork, and I know I have to take it easy with the leatherwork, but after my two-year break, as long as I don't overdo the hand stitching, all should be well.

My main focus will be displayable framed leather artwork, so there probably won't be too much stitching.

Once I am finished with all the "under the hood" stuff on the social media sites, I will be able to get to work and share my latest creations.

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