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All of Author B. A. Shields' Novels are to be released on Amazon Kindle Before 2023

All of author B. A. Shields' novels to be released on Amazon Kindle before 2023

For a while, I had a love-hate relationship with eBooks

When I started publishing my works in early 2000, ebooks were just becoming a thing. Many different types of devices could read eBooks, meaning I had to create various file format types for each of my books for compatibility.

That was a lot of extra work. On top of that, certain file types could easily be copied and traded with other people, completely cutting me out of the loop and stealing my work.

Another thing I disliked about eBooks was the Kindle

The Amazon Kindle was more secure, preventing your work's theft and illegal copying. However, they took huge chunks of your sales. Unless you accept 35% of the sales profit (after Amazon fees, "delivery" costs, etc.) Amazon forces you to participate in their KDP program, which then offers your book for FREE to Prime members, and forces you to allow lending of your book for free for up to 14 days. These are terrible plans and end up costing the author. Every dollar counts to me as an author without all the publication bonuses, money, and fame.

I recently updated my book's editions (which I do about every two years) to make corrections, fix type settings, etc. I decided to re-release my books as eBooks, but only on Amazon Kindle. Though this was a hard decision, I am taking the 35% to avoid all the free reads and loaning my books are getting. KDP does indeed pay you what they call "royalties" for people looking at your book, but they fail to compare to sales, even at 35% after Amazon's "costs."

It is a little ridiculous to charge authors for some of these things, considering that the authors do all of the work, including preparing the files and converting them for Kindle. But this is the life of an unknown author.

With my upcoming release, Losing Dani Strumm

My hope is that new readers will give my other books a read. I know some only read eBooks, so I decided to re-release all of my books on Amazon Kindle before 2023.

Another exciting thing is Losing Dani Strumm will be my first hardcover book! I cannot wait!

I will soon set up an "appearances" page on my website. Also, I plan on doing a book signing tour next year for Losing Dani Strumm. It should be a lot of fun. The last signing even I did was for Before the Sun Sets: Pandemic Dawn Book IV, which was a couple of years ago.

So stay tuned for Amazon Kindle book release info and Losing Dani Strumm updates, and I will update the website in the next couple of months to give appearances and events.

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