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Another Edition of Pandemic Dawn Book I is to be released by the end of the week

Pandemic Dawn Book I by B. A. Shields

So, this has been a hectic week for me

Of course, it is only Wednesday, but it has been an entire week. I have been working on finishing my upcoming novel, Losing Dani Strumm, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for its release! I have also been working on ads for my post-apocalyptic novel series, Pandemic Dawn, and on the social, website, and editing.

I am awaiting feedback on some of my finished work for the upcoming novel and have some more writing to do because of the rewrite. Lesson learned, though, never change the end of a story halfway through. It is much better now that I have returned to the original storyline.

Losing Dani Strumm was challenging

because I typically write multiple storylines at once. However, this is a single storyline about a single person, so the writing is entirely different from my last four novels. I am in love with the story, though, which makes all the difference in the world.

I am very excited to finish this book and start my next book, which is a book on faith.

I have also spent the last week working on getting my Facebook and Instagram accounts approved for selling my books through their shop system. It was a little more complex than expected because I wanted the Facebook and Instagram shops to use the same inventory system as my website. But, after a few days and lots of headaches, I got it to work. I knew one day my twenty years in I.T. would pay off.

It seems to be working just fine, so my website shop is now connected to my Facebook and Instagram pages.

I also began working on ads for my novels. The new ad system on Facebook and Instagram allows you to use images and link products to your posts and ads. So the photos have to be a specific size, and I decided since I had to make new ads, I may as well go all out and create a bunch of new ads for all my books.

I am creating ads for my various books featuring reviews from Amazon, quotes from the books, and other info about them. They look excellent, and I will be able to connect my products to them, which will be much easier than how I was doing it before. I noticed that Facebook would limit my post reach every time I added a link back to my website for my shop. So now my posts with their links are back to reaching out as before without limit.

I guess there is a way to add them to the Marketplace, so that will be my next venture.

While working on the ads for Pandemic Dawn Book I, I cut excerpts from the book for the ads when I noticed a typo in the fourth edition. I loath typos, and so I spent the last three days editing Pandemic Dawn Book I and now have a Fifth-Edition of the novel. I submitted it today, and it should be ready within a couple of days.

So, it is back to work. First, I will finish the ads, wait for my feedback on Losing Dani Strumm, then finish writing!

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