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Find Ebony a Home for Valentine's Day!

Ebony needs a loving home!
Please find Ebony a home ASAP

Saturday (February 13th, 2021), I went outside to move my Jeep from the side of the house back to my parking spot.

It was around noon, and the temperature was finally getting up to the double digits. As I stepped onto the porch, I heard a little cat crying.

For the past five or six years, my wife and I have cared for the feral cats frequently dropped off at the neighboring farms. They find their way to our house eventually, and we do the best we can for them.

We have found homes for approximately a dozen of them and cared for the others with medicines and feedings twice a day.

Many of them stay feral and will not let you get close. A few cats decide to allow you to pet them but not pick them up. Even fewer will ever allow you to pick them up.

So it wasn't unusual to hear one when I stepped outside, though usually, they don't make much noise, even though we have had up to 19 cats at one time and over 60 that we have cared for in total.

Help find a home for Ebony.
Ebony needs a loving home today!

This little one is black, and about a week or so ago, I noticed her right eye swollen shut and puss coming from it. Of course, I tried to get it to come to me, and it wouldn't. But today was different. I cried out as soon as I stepped outside and started walking towards me.

I kneeled on the snow-covered porch and called out to her. She responded with another cry and came quickly to me.

I couldn't believe it. Feral cats don't do this.

So I put my hands down and figured she would be scared because, for some reason, animals don't like it when humans wear gloves, but she climbed right into my hands and curled into a small ball.

I held her to my chest, trying to get her warm as she cried. I could hear she was congested and shaking.

I brought her into the house and did what I could to help her. My daughter helped me make a bed, get fresh water and some cat food, and warm the little kitten.

Now this kitten is a fighter. My daughter named her Ebony because we document all of the cats we see. Over the last few weeks, we have seen her running around independently, not hanging with the other cats, very self-sufficient.

Help Ebony find a forever home today.
Ebony needs a loving home.

Not now. The eye, whatever caused the injury, has become infected.

We made a makeshift apartment for her, using an extra dog bed, and putting a small heating pad with her, and she seems to be doing great.

Now herein lies the problem we have. We have two indoor adult cats who do not like the outdoor cats. We also have a five-month-old 60 pound Great Pyrenees Shepheard who wants to play with the kitten.

I don't think we should put Ebony back into the wild. I honestly do not believe she would make it. However, we cannot keep her.

So this Valentine's Day, I am looking for a loving home for Ebony.

I have a balm for her eye and antibiotic liquid—each given once per day for a week.

Please share this and help us find somewhere for this kitten to recover and have a loving home!

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