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Kindle Vella by Amazon, and NEW Serialized Stories by Author B. A. Shields

Kindle Vella by Amazon and NEW serialized stories by author B. A. Shields

Even though I have been hard at work this year with getting Losing Dani Strumm published, and putting the finishing touches on my new faith book, Drowning in Milk: A Guide to Spiritual Maturity, I have continued work on my three serialized stories on the new Kindle Vella by Amazon.

If you are unfamiliar with the new Kindle Vella, it is a place for authors to share serialized stories in short "episodes." Amazon launched this platform in April of 2021, which is currently only available to those in the U.S.

Each "episode" is between 500-6,000 words. The first three episodes are always free, and the following are purchased with tokens.

It is nice because the reader gets the first three episodes for free and can decide if it is something they want to continue reading or not.

There are a couple of other cool features as well. For example, you can "follow" the story to receive updates when a new episode has been posted, and you can "crown" your favorite story each week.

Authors can leave story notes too, and even ask readers questions. They can then answer the poll and give the author insight into the story's direction.

I am currently writing three,

Willow Creek on Amazon Kindle Vella by Author B. A. Shields


(Historical Fiction)

It was August 1864, and Emmit Levi Foster finished his first Nebraska Cavalry service. Looking forward to returning to his family home in Omaha, he finds his father lost the farm gambling just before he died. The new owner, Tom Ward, a member of the Omaha Claim Club, paid cash for the property with money he should not have. Emmit wants his property back. Tom Ward does not know it yet, but he will give it back and more.

Life After the Apocalypse on Amzon Kindle Vella by Author B. A. Shields


(Pandemic Dawn Prequel)

The world as we know it had come to an end. The cursed roam the streets, gangs fight for territories, and many become unwilling slaves to evil traders who barter for guns and food. This Darwintopia, filled with disease and chaos, is where our story begins after the second fall of humankind. The Pandemic Dawn Chronicles is a collection of short stories about various people. Some are later found within the pages of The Pandemic Dawn Novels Series, while others will not make it through the night.

Baron Von Munchausen and the Clocktower of Time on Amazon Kindle Vella by Author B. A. Shields


(Victorian Humor)

These are the very true, and not made up, adventures of the handsome, great and brave world-famous Hieronymus Karl Friedrich Baron Von Munchausen. I have fought the fiercest creatures, leaped into flaming volcanoes, and voyaged where no man dared and feared no danger. Nothing is too great for me. I am courageous, gallant, and noble, as well as generous and kind, and dare I say, modest to a fault. Yes, modest. In fact, I am admired as much for my modesty and truthfulness as for my bravery.

Remember, you can read the first three episodes of each series for free, and tokens are not expensive. The last time I checked, Amazon was giving away free tokens to new users as well!

So be sure to check out my three series on Kindle Vella because I will continue to write them for the rest of this year.

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