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New Plans, Old plans and Getting Things Done!

Well I have been putting in a lot of 10-12 hour days over the last week and it is paying off. I still have so much to do yet, but everything is working out. I have been editing my personal Facebook page, created a new business page for Arthur Francis Studio, as well as made new social media accounts for it on twitter, instagram, and tumblr.

I started building my online store on my website,, and will use it for selling my various books, as well as my artwork and leather work. Speaking of which, the studio is coming along nicely. I still need to move boxes into storage, and clear out a couple of old buildings before I can set up, and this should take about a month or so. Hopefully not longer.

I will be selling a lot of items over the next few weeks, not only to fund the new projects and art, but to make room for me to work! I have a HUGE collection of toys and legos in storage I need to sell, as well as a lot of shelves and desks I no longer have a use for. I pray the Lord give me strength as I get all of this put together, and rebuild most of it from the ground up.

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