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NEWSLETTER 01.08.2022

Happy new year to everyone, and let's get this new year newsletter party started!


I am excited to announce we finally got the online shop up and running. After much work and toil, we accept payments online through Apple Pay, Pay Pal, and credit cards processed through our network provider for those who do not have Apple Pay or pay Pal. This is a giant step forward for Arthur Francis Studio ( & Little Hoof, LLC.), and we are excited to start adding products to the shop.

The first items added to the shop were the available books by B. A. Shields.

The Pandemic Dawn Series and a few others are now available in our online shop. You can get these signed through the store for no extra charge. We will be adding more books as they are written, such as the upcoming "Losing Dani Strumm." I know this was supposed to be released in 2021; however, waiting until 2022 has allowed for a much better story to emerge, as well as an opportunity for the release to have a hardcover option. I will know more in a few months.


If other news, as you may have heard, my wife and I have decided to sell the Antique Mall we own and operate. This will have many benefits, besides the income from the sale. I will now pursue my other interests, including painting, writing, and a return to my craft as a master leather smith. What does this all have to do with NFTs? A lot. I will also be creating various paintings and artwork, including leather and sculptures and NFT (Non-fungible token) artwork. You will be able to purchase these NFTs of my artwork directly from my website,, where there will be a link on the front page. These NFTs will be based on my novels and artwork, both paintings and leather.

I have been investing in bitcoin and tokens over the last year thanks to my oldest son Eric who explained it all to me and even mined for a while but was afraid of killing my PC, so I quit. NFTs are just the next logical step for me, both financially and artistically. Many artists, such as Banksy, are now selling NFTs of their artwork, which is an excellent option for those who wish to invest but do not want to spend thousands on original artwork.

My NFTs will not be available until later this summer because of everything going on right now; however, once the mall is taken care of and I get Losing Dani Strumm published, I will be able to focus more on my art. I am very excited, and the two-year break has done wonders for my creativity and inspiration!

I will keep everyone updated on my Facebook page, Instagram, etc.


So here's to a great year, and I hope things go a lot smoother for us all than the previous year!

God Bless

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