I know I may sound like a broken record sometimes, but I really want to promote the FREE membership option on my author's website. There are already many great benefits and more to come as I develop the new membership community!

First of all, it only takes about 10 seconds to sign up. Name and email, that's it! Unlike many memberships, this one is 100% FREE and not an email harvesting scheme to flood your inbox with spam. It's merely to allow members access to Members ONLY parts of the website for offers, coupons, and free stuff!

First of all, my author's website free membership will automatically enter you in every single giveaway, contest, and drawing I do! You don't have to worry about missing out on something, because members are included automatically!

Secondly, the free membership builds a community that can reach out and one that helps each other! It's no secret that the arts have been suffering for quite some time now, and the COVID nonsense has not helped one bit! We need to do what we can to support and promote the art community, including authors, artists, musicians. They are losing heart!

When you become a member, you get badges showing what role you can play! Are you an author, artist, musician, bookworm? We want to build a community with people who can reach out when in need.

Say I am an artist, and I need a book cover. I could check the community first and see who is an artist, model, or photographer. Make a connection, and help each other out.

Or I'm an author who needs fresh eyes on something I wrote; click a bookworm in the community who would probably love to read what you've written!

Next, I have been putting tools for authors and creators online. These tools are FREE for members to access and use. They can help with the creativity, production, or distribution of your work.

Also, I have been posting EXCLUSIVES for members, like chapters from unpublished books of mine. Later, I'll post poetry, artwork, and background on some of my novels, and my favorite thing I will be sharing, SECRETS I have hidden within my books over the years.

Let's not forget the fun stuff too! Free prizes! When I say free, I really mean it, no shipping, no handling, not taxes, or hidden fees. Let's say you win an autographed copy of one of my books. I sign it and mail it to you. That's it.

February 14th, 2021, I will be choosing a random name from the member's list to give a FREE signed copy of a book of their choosing from my collection.

I will still have contests and specials for my Facebook page and group, but far more will be happening on my author's website!

Only a week to go until the first drawing! So you better get signed up!

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