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One Drive to Ruin them all

Welcome to the future!

It's kind of funny how yesterday I talked about how great the future was and how I never dreamed as a kid how great things would turn out technologically speaking, and then today, I get up to my computer acting up.

I was awakened this morning at 4:00 am by the sound of one of my cats scratching at the bathroom door. Did she need to get in there for something? No. She does this ritual every morning around four to wake either myself or my wife up to feed her and her sister.

Typically one of us would get up and feed them, and we would try to get back to sleep; however, today is Sunday, which means I have a sermon to finish for church service.

After making a pot of my special ordered fair trade organic Mexican dark roast coffee I ground fresh, I sat at my desk to see what I had left to do.

As I turned on the computer, I immediately read the message that my hard drive is full.

This computer is less than a month old, so it was doubtful this could be true; however, when I opened Windows Explorer, there it was. My drive was one long red line of fullness.

Somehow, a setting had changed in my "Onedrive," It filled my PC hard drive with countless files that were already on my PC, thus, double of everything, filling the drive to the max.

After aimlessly switching options back and forth, much downloading and uploading incurred for the next hour or so, until my PC was once again giving warnings.

Eventually, I decided to move all my files from my hard drive to a portable drive so I wouldn't permanently lose anything while I played with Onedrive for a few hours, trying to get it back to the way it was.

The way it was. The only problem is, I can't remember the way it was. It seemed I had most of my files on the cloud (Onedrive) and only a handful on my PC. But I was not too fond of the thought of not being able to use files on the cloud if the internet went out, which it sometimes does out in the sticks where I live. I have been here for ten years, and we just got high-speed internet. Until then, it was slow, with limited satellite internet.

So without reading instructions, which I sometimes do, and without fully understanding the Onedrive, I set out to randomly turn stuff on and off until I got the result I was I wanted.

The result I wanted didn't happen. I did get a result I was unhappy and angry over.

So after I got home from church, around one, I got back to work on the PC, finding I didn't care much for the Onedrive.

I still have approximately 104,000 files left to transfer before seeing if my latest guesses at the switches will make my computer usable.

I like Dropbox much better. It is super easy to use; you want something in there, you put it in the folder. If you take it out, it asks if you want to delete it from your online storage. Simple.

Hopefully, I can get Onedrive working as I want. All my files are stored online but available even if the internet goes out.

It's a good thing I have multiple backups of all my data. I lost everything once building a home network with a RAID cloud system. The drives died, and I lost my files. Since then, I swore I would always have a backup of everything and update multiple backups at the end of each year.

So far, it has worked great.

Time to watch the files slowly transfer; wish me luck!

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