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Thursdays with Maxine

Maxine and her stick (log)

Thursday Mornings

My wife leaves early for work. She owns her own business and has an early appointment on this day. She usually takes our dog for a walk, but I do when she has to leave early.

So today, Maxine and I went for a casual walk through the woods. She sometimes likes to run and chase everything from squirrels and rabbits to deer, but the woods were quiet today.

Usually, Maxine and I spend a bit of time outside "working." At least that's what I tell her when I take her out, that we're going out to "work," and I ask her if she wants to help me. She loves it. Of course, her "help" is simply chasing crickets around the yard, looking for frogs or snakes, or just laying in the shade watching me do the work. But that's OK because she gets to be out.

I have noticed the late rising sun over the last few weeks. First, it was shining bright on our walks; now, it is darker and colder; Autumn is here. According to the calendar, it is still one week away on September 22nd, but trust me, it is here.

It was 50 degrees this morning and partly cloudy. I love the cool, brisk mornings. I guess it is perfect mushroom weather, with the rain ad colder temperatures. I see them everywhere.

I used to pick morels, but I don't really know much about these other mushrooms, so I just take pictures and leave them be.

Some of them are large, and to me, they look poisonous—an odd yellowish color.

Today I have some author work to do

I am completing the ads for my previous books for distribution and still reading through the manuscript for Losing Dani Strumm. I also need to tweak the website a little for people who go to on a cellphone.

Honestly, after selling my antique mall, I have freed up so much time for myself and my family. It has been great. I can be more involved with the Iosco Ministerial Association, attend community events, and spend much more time reading and writing.

I just finished working with the Habor Lights Pregnancy and Information Center hosting Stuart Carvers Birth of a Family course. It was a nine-week event aimed at helping young couples and single mothers. The center does so much for the young people with children in our community, and I am excited to work with them. All of their services are free, and they even give baby supplies to the parents.

Now that we have finished the pilot program, we can move on to the other classes, such as pre-marital, marriage enrichment, and grieving.

I look forward to other community events and programs and helping wherever possible.

With that, it is time for breakfast and getting to work.

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