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Two Second Edition Kindle Books Set for Release by Author B. A. Shields

I am excited to announce that two of my books are finally ready for release on Kindle. Well, the release of the second edition versions. The last time I updated these books, I only updated the paperback versions. I finally got time to update the Kindle versions, and they should be ready in the next day or two.

Heaven & Hell

Destinations in the Old Testament

Discover the truth of the Bible written in a way that is easy to understand. Discover some of the more difficult facts and answers to challenging questions using the scriptures as the source of information.

  • If Jesus is the only way to heaven, where did the righteous in the Old Testament go when they died?

  • Where is "hell"?

  • What about purgatory?

  • Who goes to hell, and why?

  • Did good people go to hell, as some scripture suggests?

  • How can I be sure I go to heaven?

BOOK PRAISE 5.0 out of 5 stars Good read Amazon Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 7, 2020 Verified Kindle Purchase "Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is packed with excellent information that Christians should know. I can see the author researched the scriptures well and it is written in plain English. I recommend this book to anybody who may be stuck on this topic." --Lee T.

HOFC Ministers Manual

of the Church Ordinances

Written specifically for the House of Faith Church where B. A. Shields serves as an Elder and Pastor and teaches Seminary, the HOFC Ministers Manual takes a non-denominational, strictly scriptural view of the church ordinances. Topics Covered

  • The Wedding Service and Ceremony

  • Funeral Service

  • Baptisms

  • The Lord's Supper / Communion

  • Ordination Recognition / Charge

This book also includes samples of each of the ordinances, including bonus non-religious services for weddings and funerals. ​ B. A. Shields is an ordained minister through the Dayspring bible school, recognized by the First Baptist Church, having served for years as Elder and interim pastor at the First Baptist Church and since 2006 at the House of Faith non-denominational church. and servers as vice president of the Iosco County Ministerial Association.

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