Before the Sun Sets: Pandemic Dawn Book IV takes readers back to the complex to find Taylor and Tia trying to start a life together as the complex begins falling apart. With residents turning on Matthew's leadership, he must travel to his old camp seeking the aid of Solomon, the council leader who originally sent Pastor Simms and Matthew to the complex. 


As the complex struggles with stability, new survivors move in, some with their own agendas which jepordize the complex and put into question it's future. Will the military force stay, and if so will they side with the new comers or Matthew?


The hidden military base has problems of its own in the form of a malfunctioning combat-bot who calls himself AWOL. Seeking to destroy the organics he despises and take the Frame from Dorothy, will she be able to prevent him from destoying the facility and every bot in it while Miles and Steve are away in the city searching for Dr. Atkins research? Will Makayla be able to help Dorothy since AWOL booted her from the Frame?



Before the Sun Sets: Pandemic Dawn Book IV


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