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Bruce A. Shields was born in Flint, Michigan, in 1969, the first son of Bruce and Lynnette Kennedy Shields. He released his first book in 2008, a technical guide for reducing energy consumption in the home. His second book, Heaven & Hell, was released a few months later and was a theological manuscript about the various usages of the words heaven and hell within the Bible. In 2010 he wrote the HOFC Minister's Manual while teaching seminary at the House of Faith Church. This guide aided ministers in the ordinances of the Christian Church. Later that same year, he released Pandemic Dawn, a science fiction novel that would be the first in a post-apocalyptic series by the same name. Since 2006 he has written over 800 theological papers and continues to add to this list, as well as write novels and books on faith.

Bruce lives in Northern Michigan with his wife, Terri Shields, where he serves as senior pastor of the House of Faith Church and vice-president of the Iosco Ministerial Association and continues to write.

Author Bruce A. Shields with his wife Terri.

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